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The Maldives

From high above, these lovely dots of islands on the Indian Ocean looked like an abstract painting. I couldn’t wait to get down on one of those lovely blue dots and surround myself in its countless shades of blue that I had never known existed.
Since hubby and I were traveling with our toddler, we chose to stay at The Holiday Inn, Kandooma in the South Atoll. This hotel is rated as very kid-friendly. They had a lot of fun activities for the kids, as well as for the adults.

I totally enjoyed staying in this island resort. From the beautiful beach front villa, to the service, the food and the activities… everything was impeccable.

We spent one afternoon in a fishing boat, where all the catch of the day were cooked up during the evening as part of the buffet feast. There were some entertainment of people singing, dancing and doing some fire dance. Another day was spent swimming with the turtles, while our daughter was left to the activities at the Kids Club. There was even one night where they showed Finding Nemo right on the beach. As for me, the yoga at sunset was the best and most relaxing activity at the resort.

One of my favorite spots on the island was the rooftop bar of one of its restaurants, where hubby and I would always get some cocktails before having dinner. It was the perfect setting to watch the full moon.

While having dinner at one of the restaurants, we watched hundreds of teeny tiny crabs dig on the shores at sundown. But my favorite memory of all was watching the baby sharks that swim on shallow waters of the shore early in the morning!

A visit to the Maldives is the perfect summer treat!

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