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New York, New York

When I hear the words New York, my thoughts always gravitate towards the famous Liza Minelli song. Maybe it’s because I was born at a certain period in time when the song’s lyrics were the perfect embodiment of the place and the culture.

I have always wanted to visit this famous US Capital because it’s always the setting of most of my favorite movies. And true enough, while I was there, it made me feel as though my trip was part of an awesome Hollywood movie, maybe even a Woody Allen one.

You get a sense of the vibrancy and energy and youthfulness in this big, crowded city, especially when walking down the famous avenues littered with shops, cafés, restaurants and theaters.

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Of course, a visit to New York is not a complete visit without seeing a show on Broadway, visiting the famous museums and the skyscrapers.

It is indeed a city of Liberty and freedom of expression, thriving on the abundance of a variety of cultures that is just the perfect mixture of fascinating, exciting and awe-inspiring.

I’m definitely going back there!

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