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Sight-seeing Sydney

There is so much to see in Sydney. I was surprised to find this lovely city filled with buzzling activity of a typical urban setting, but also, providing easy escapes for a quick nature fix.


The long stretch of coastal walks from Bondi Beach to Coogee beach was just the perfect relaxing break from the city life for me.

I stayed at The Rocks, which is very central and conveniently located near all the sites of interest. From there, I took a bus ride to Bondi Beach. The famous Harbour Bridge is also just a stone’s throw away. You could also take a walk from Hyde Park to the Botanic Gardens and from there, visit the famous Opera House.

DSC_0251DSC_0295botanical gardens 04botanical gardens 05

What I find really fascinating about Sydney is how relaxed the environment is and how friendly the people are. All the store and restaurant owners and staff will give you a warm and chatty welcome.

It’s really worth going all the way down under to see this lovely capital city.

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