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A Taste of Tuscany, Part 5: Arezzo and Cortona

At long last, I finally found the time to write the final part of my Tuscany Road Trip. I had been quite busy lately with more recent trips and the usual mundane stuff of daily life.


The entrance to our charming hotel


Fruit-laden pear tree in the hotel’s orchard


Sweet berries in the wild


Tiny pool


Having an apéro — my Prosecco and his Spritz


Soaking in the relaxing ambience


The hotel’s restaurant


Red Tuscan vino for dinner

The last part of my Tuscany trip takes us back to Cortona. We stayed in a very nice hotel in Borgo San Pietro situated amid a huge orchard, filled with sweet-smelling fruit-bearing trees and surrounded by the lush greens of the surrounding hills.

What I loved best about this hotel is that it was so quiet and peaceful and outside, you have rows and rows of my favorite fragrant flowers — lavender and roses. It was such a beautiful place and romantic place.


Capella Bacci in Arezzo


Street Art


Took home some of these delicious pasta



Inside Capella Bacci

Just before dinner, we actually headed out to Arezzo, where Capella Bacci was located. I wanted to see this chapel because it was the site of that famous romantic scene in the movie, The English Patient, where Juliette Binoche was swinging around on a rope, holding a torch trying to get a better look at the murals.

From outside, the church looked unimposing and uninteresting. The town actually didn’t seem very touristy despite being the site of a lot of famous movies. And to my surprise, cameras were allowed, and so I managed to take this video:

And that concludes my Tuscany Road Trip. I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me. It was really one of my most beautiful, romantic and memorable trips.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

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