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Birthday at Boracay Shangri-La Resort

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to take a dip once again in the beautiful, warm waters of the Philippines. And what perfect excuse is there to spoil myself (and my family + a close friend who tagged along) at a nice luxury resort than on the weekend of my birthday.

Sand, sea, sky in one of the best white sand beaches this world has to offer — the perfect gift for my birthday. You will notice that I am posting a lot of pictures of myself for the first time. I hope you will bear with me because it’s my birthday. The resort really offers perfectly blissful opportunities for glorious photo-ops. This is also the first time I’m posting pictures that were all taken via iPhone camera and not DSLR. I wanted to travel light and enjoy my time, so I decided to do away with the hassle of carrying a big camera and heavy lenses. 🙂

I was a little bit sad, though, to find how polluted the once glorious and pristine white beach of Boracay has become. Sadly, a lot of people really have no respect for the environment. The truth is, I have been warned about this by a lot of friends. This is the reason why I chose to stay at a resort with its own private beach areas.

I really do miss the Boracay of old — the clear, alga-free waters of white beach, the authentic eateries and small shops, the quiet during the non-peak season. Boracay Island actually once belonged to the clan of Lola Heide — the Tirol‘s. She was the landlady of my dormitory back in Manila. I saw pictures of Boracay from way back in the 60’s. It was gorgeous. And now, it’s all just in the pictures. Hopefully, it will get rehabilitated someday soon. But for now, let us try to do our small part by not being part of the problem.

About the Shangri-La Resort

First of all, it was beyond gorgeous! If you stayed there and then tried to get out to see the rest of Boracay, everything else just pales in comparison. During this typhoon-infested time of the year, there are actually more staff/workers around the 12-hectare vicinity of the resort… which is just perfect!.. but you have to be lucky to not be inconvenienced by typhoons during your stay. We had a few, short drizzles and cloudy skies, but we managed to have a bit of the sun too. It was still pleasant weather considering it was October.

Our room had a gorgeous view of the beach. We had a verandah with day beds. It was kept very clean all the time. The service was really good.

The drinks at Solana Bar, together with the staff and the band were all superb. And they were all very patient with my little daughter. Same with Sirena Restaurant where I had my birthday dinner. Although, I would say the food was a bit overpriced. But then you have the gorgeous view of the sea, the excellent service and only the singing band to distract you from the lull of sea breeze and the crashing of the waves on the shore.

They also have activities for the kids. But we weren’t able to check them out because it was such a short stay.

Everything was impeccable and perfect except for a few minor mishaps. I would give it an almost excellent rating — 4.95 out of 5 stars, I would say. Definitely worth the money.

Thank you all for reading and have a gorgeous week! 🙂

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