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My Roman Holiday

The first time I have truly seen, and enjoyed seeing Rome was through the eyes of Audrey Hepburn in the aptly titled movie. So, forgive me for choosing to use the same overused and abused movie title for this blog entry. More often than not, pure sentiment and nostalgia transcend the will to strive for originality.


Trying to recreate that famous scene from the movie, Roman Holiday at Piazza di Spagna… I thought I pulled it off quite well despite the post-natal plumpness. I have just given birth six months before this trip. 🙂

Meanwhile, as seen through my eyes, in October of 2012, Rome was absolutely unforgettable. You find beauty in just about everywhere and anywhere you cast your eyes on. The usual touristy sites are well worth the visit but you will have to be patient. I remember walking a long way, and queuing all morning to get inside The Colosseum. But the grumpiness just evaporated upon entering the ancient structure, and was easily replaced by a feeling of awe and child-like wonder.

In Rome, there are no dull corners. I fell in-love with the big, bold and beautiful baroque sculptures that litter the tiniest piazzas and unassuming corners. They all look like they’re going to come into life any moment. There is so much history, poetry and humility in the simplicity of Roman architecture. I love how you can just keep walking and walking and get lost in the tiny streets, and find yourself in a quiet, picturesque corner that so effortlessly transports you back into ancient times.

It is not just the architecture in Italy that is well-appreciated for its simplicity, you will also find this true in their food. One of my fondest memories about Rome, is sitting at a surprisingly quiet Trattoria, not so far away from The Colosseum, and having the best Pasta Alle Vongole that I have ever tasted in my life. The ingredients were all very simple, but fresh, and prepared at short notice. Most of the food around the Mediterranean region rely on the freshness of the ingredients. For them, they do not like to put too many ingredients in a dish, so as not to overpower the main ingredient. I mean, if it’s beef, it has to taste like beef; if it’s seafood, it has to taste like seafood, etc.

Whatever you choose to do, eat, or see in Rome, do it with somebody you love, and be sure to take it all in at leisure, so you will really appreciate every inch of wonder the place has to offer.

I can’t wait to be back in Europe… which is next time I write a blog entry! Ciao for now, and have a good day!

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