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It’s been a year since my last entry. A lot has happened. But I just want to talk about our last summer’s trip. Especially now that I need warm memories to keep a sunny disposition in the bleaker months of autumn.

So here are some pics from Corsica. Sorry, if there are too many pictures of myself here. It’s mostly just to give scale to the landscape features, and to keep the gorgeous backdrop more interesting. I’m trying my best to be less vain in my forties. But I don’t always succeed.


Behind me is the view right in front of our room in our resort at Rondinara Bay

We were in Corsica to attend a wedding. I have always dreamed of a romantic wedding by the sea, or attending one, at least. This was one off the proverbial, hackneyed, bucket-list.


My Seat


Colorful Appetizers

The wedding was nice and fun. The beach-side was not so nice. I was surprised to hear it’s supposed to be one of the nicest in Corsica. Ho-hum… next…

Since we were spending a week in Corsica, we had some time to do some hiking and explore other more interesting bodies of water, far from the overcrowded sea-side areas.


Far from the madding crowd — a secluded area at Les Trois Piscines

We also went for a hike following a river trail, crossing it and walking along rocky cliff sides to see a waterfall, which turned out to be a disappointment. Found out in the end that, although you can get very close to it, you couldn’t really see much of it at the end of the trail since it was obstructed by thick foliage. The trail was nevertheless, breath-taking, and at times, reminded me so much of New Zealand.


Cascade de la Piscia di Gjaddu


Love them huge rocks



There was also one day where we enjoyed the archaeological site of Cucuruzzu all to ourselves. It was a bit damp and drizzly trail, but worth it.


Le Casteddu de Cucuruzzu

Our last stop on our last day was the fortified city of Bonifacio. We took the challenge of descending the steep steps that lead to a gorgeous view below.


Climbing back up knee-breaking, 188 steep steps of l’escalier du Roi d’Aragon


View at the bottom of the steps

So many of my friends were asking me whether Corsica is in Italy or in France. Although, you can’t help but feel as if you are in Italy when you are there, it is still very much in France and very, very French, especially when it comes food…


Seafood by the sea


Saint Jacques, my fave!

Corsica is known as Corse by the french, by the way!

Cheers, and thanks for dropping by! 🙂


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