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Every time I see a bunch of orange Tulips, I always get reminded of my wedding day. They were my flowers of choice to hold in my hands as I walked down the aisle. And since I love Tulips, I’ve always had this dream of seeing the Tulip fields in The Netherlands, or at least visit Keukenhof. Luckily, I have a friend who is also crazy about Tulips who could tag along at a moment’s notice. Without much ado, I found ourselves a nice hotel close to Schipol Airport, which is much closer to Keukenhof instead of coming from Amsterdam’s city center.

I have already stayed in CitizenM Hotel last summer in London (which I should also write about in this blog, if I manage to find some time), so I thought, why not stay there again in The Netherlands?.. and I’m glad to say, we didn’t have any regrets.

I’ve already booked the tickets to Keukenhof online. But you could also buy at the bus station at the airport. I don’t think it makes any difference. Although, you have to be there really early. The queue gets very long, very fast. For reference, we went on a Saturday and we had around 10 minutes of queuing, arriving at the bus station a bit after 9:00AM. There were a lot of buses coming in. One in every five minutes, I think. And it was thirty minutes of bus ride to Keukenhof from there.


Keukenhof is like a garden straight out of a fairytale!

We arrived at Keukenhof at around 10AM. There was no queue when we entered the garden, at least for those who have already purchased tickets online. While inside, we thought it was a bit crowded, but that it would get better in the late afternoon. But we thought wrong. It just got worse as the day progressed. Meanwhile, we were getting all giddy and high and googly-eyed upon seeing rows and rows of Tulips in all colors, shapes and sizes. It was all such a treat to the eyes. My friend and I were like a couple of kids in Disneyland for the first time. Needless to say, we took pictures in every corner!


These pink tulips that greeted us close to the entrance were all looking so cheerful and pretty


I should’ve taken my DSLR too





Pretty pattern


Glowing in the sunlight

We had lunch inside the garden, in one of the restaurants. It was very crowded. Food was not so great for the price, as can be expected. But at least, they serve it fast.




Tulip Heaven


These would make such a pretty bouquet




Definitely, Snowdrops

After lunch, we tried to find a quiet corner to try to do some painting plein air. We sat close to the wind mill area, in the shade, right next to the rows of tulips interspersed with snowdrops and other bunch of wildflowers I unfortunately do not know the names of. I tried to do some painting but the passersby were staring and pointing and looking at us like we were some kind of attraction at the zoo. I never really liked that kind of attention so I gave up and just took pictures. I wished I brought my DSLR. The iPhone pictures didn’t turn out so bad, though, as you can see right now.


Gigantic blooms

Once, there was this point in my life when I thought I was in a bottomless pit, or some kind of black hole I would never be able to get out of. But then, I had this dream one night of stumbling upon this place with beautiful, exotic, huge flowers I had never ever seen before in my entire life. I thought it was magical. And while in that dream, I had this reassuring feeling that everything in my life will someday fall gracefully into place. Those flowers in my dreams, they were these gigantic tulips waving gracefully in the wind, which I had the most fortunate privilege of seeing (and touching) for myself in this lifetime.

Life is beautiful. Keep dreaming and keep smiling. 🙂


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