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Paris Without the Tourists

This year has been a real special year. We are in the last quarter now but there still doesn’t seem to be any clear ending to this situation that we are dealt with.

Crossing the streets of tourist-free Pareeeeeeh !!!

Here in France, the situation started to get better during the confinement period. People were forced to stay in their houses to avoid spreading the virus. It worked, but then people started moving out again… a little bit too much. Right now, the situation is not so great.

But during that tiny bit of gap where the situation looked like it was getting better, my husband and I decided to take advantage of it and do some traveling within the country.

I have always wanted to do all the tourist things without having to deal with actual tourists getting in the way. And so, we did all the touristy things in Paris (for the second time around) that we could possibly do. And I must warn you, this post is full of photo-ops of myself posing all over Paris. It’s not just because I love taking pictures of myself, it’s also nice to take pictures of the beautiful places in Paris with myself as foreground interest. 😀

A touristy visit to Paris is not a touristy visit at all without the Louvre, first off in the itinerary…

It’s been ten years since the first and last time I visited the Louvre. I know it’s a huge place, with a huge collection of artefacts, so we limited our visit to just our favorite sections. I was so happy there was no long queue to enter. And that there are so many nice corners with opportunities for good photo-ops without the hassle of other people’s faces crowding the camera frame to distract from the main subjects — me and Pareeeeh!!!

Outside of Paris, we visited Giverny and Versailles. I have been to Paris so many times but I have never had the opportunity to visit these two nearby places.

We took a train from Paris to Giverny, which took about less than hour, if I remember correctly. And then we had to take the shuttle from there going to Claude Monet’s house and garden.

The garden was huge and magnificent. There were still quite a lot of people, but they were mostly French. And I was so happy to have found that the famous pond still has a lot of water lilies despite us being there already late in August!

Dramatic cloudscape atop the magnificent Palace of Versailles

Going to Versailles, we just took an uber. It was about the same fare with the train and same travel time. There was a short queue to enter. But again, most of the people in the queue are French. Versailles is full of glitz and old-world glamour in every corner. Everything was so shiny and bling-y. Looking at the French people now, you’d wonder how they managed to get rid of all that love for bling in all of their history. Most of the French people I know are allergic to anything bling-y and shiny, or even bright colors!

Back in Paris, we spent some time meeting with friends, eating out for dinner.

We also spent some time at the Centre Pompidou (my first time) for some contemporary and modern art mockery… we had so much fun inside!

Some food tripping… mostly Asian, the Japanese kind and the good one, coz we miss it… soooo much!

And while we’re on the subject of Japanese restaurants, there is this one authentic restaurant in Le Marais (Naniwa-ya) that has excellent service. They have a box under the table for your bags (like all authentic Japanese restaurants have), everything in the menu is Japanese, all the other customers seated next to us were Japanese (or speaking in Japanese), and when my order came later than my husband’s, they offered me several small plates for free, and they apologized like crazy even when none of us complained at all in the first place.

Breakfasting at Père Lachaise on the way to an art supplies shop, just because it’s a shortcut, and it’s just right next to our friend’s apartment where we stayed.

On our last night in Paris, we decided to dine in the most touristy fashion of all — on a boat cruise on the Seine. We were kinda hesitant to do it coz it’s kinda tacky and cheesy. But hubby managed to find one that is very classyDucasse sur Seine.

And with this, I leave you all with this lovely video on the boat, watching the shining, shimmering Eiffel Tower in our very own version of Midnight in Paris..

Ciao for now, and thanks for reading! 🙂


  1. Merci pour ce reportage de votre voyage à Paris. Cela est touchant de découvrir avec vous cette ville morte , tuée par le virus
    Tu es très élégante , Rio, mais cela je le savais déjà!.
    Amitiés ❤
    ps : Sur la photo du château de Versailles , Il y a quelque chose de bizarre à droite , une sorte de tour , à moins que ce soit un échafaudage couvert de toiles ???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oui, c’est un échafaudage pour couvrir les rénovations.

      Merci pour ta visite et ton charmant commentaire. 🙂


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