About Escapecapades and Myself


The perfect Tom Yum Mojito in Chiang Mai, December 2014

To celebrate over ten years of being a self-proclaimed traveler, I’ve recently decided to create an online journal dedicated to sharing all about my travels — where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, eaten, done, discovered or undiscovered, etc. — all in a tidy new place to host and feature my lovely photos and fun (or not-so-fun) stories.

But first, a few random facts about myself: I am a mother of one stubborn little girl who loves everything pink, married to a French guy who loves good food and traveling for some. I lived most of my life in the Philippines, Singapore, France and then back to Singapore. I have worked all my life with computers, doing a staring contest with it every day of my life — to which, I most often sorely lose. In my younger days, I have tried playing the piano, the cello, and have always loved good books. Over the years, my poor eyesight and short attention span (caused by work and the internet) left me no choice but to prefer short stories on podcasts to listen to. I only ever read thick books nowadays while traveling… all the more reason to get out there! I also love soft-core physical activities to keep myself on the go — wall climbing, Xtendbarre and Yoga are my preferred fitness activities. You could say that I am passionate about a lot of things, but my passion varies and relies heavily on my mood at the moment and current state of mind (like a regular Libra), but Travel is the one and only thing that I am constantly passionate about.

I started blogging in 2001 on xanga.com. Up to this moment, I have been enjoying oversharing my thoughts and experiences in all my interests in a personal online journal, which I have created back in 2011, initially intended to be a blog about my wedding. Back then, blogging was some sort of therapy for me. The contents ranged from the very personal to the mundane. But as I’ve matured as a blogger, my content has slowly and not so surprisingly become all about my all-time personal faves and raves — food and travel — to which everyone can relate. And so here we are now — escapecapades is born — a niche blog littered with photos of captured moments from long past and more recent travel tales that I dare to call escapes and escapades.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope to see you regularly. Comments, opinions, (non-violent) reactions much appreciated! 🙂

Cheers and keep traveling,